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We Help You Make Extra Money

Whether you are a senior looking for just a little extra to supplement your income, or you still want to work and make a substantial additional income, you will find a wealth of business guides, free articles, ideas and other information here at the Official Geezer Guide website.

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We all know that when it comes to making money online there are a lot of scams out there. The Official Geezer Guide (OGG) Website is a scam-free zone where mature Americans can find free information about making extra money to help fund a comfortable retirement and purchase books, videos and other materials that have been reviewed and tested by our editors and staff to help you do that. Most of our information relates to making money online but we also cover many offline traditional home-based businesses as well.

Helping Seniors Make MoneyAre You A Real Geezer?    None of us are real Geezers here –we just use the term with humor and affection.

It’s OK for us to call each other a Geezer, but if my grown kids called me that I would whack them upside the head.

Here at OGG, we use the term Geezer affectionately and with respect –as we fit the mold too. No young wunderkind web kids here. The Official Geezer Guide was started by geezers -and for geezers, just like us. Whether you call yourself a baby boomer, a senior, a fifty plus or a senior-preneur ― this site will help you supplement your income.

There is a giant myth out there that old folks don’t know how to use computers. Well this may be true of my mother who is in her late 80s and retired many years ago. But most people who have recently retired and will retire soon are highly computer literate.

Some of you may just use a computer to search the web, shop, share photos with the kids and send email. But, others are quite skilled -having come from jobs in the tech world where they used a computer daily. Whichever description fits you, as long as you have some basic computer skill then our business guides, methods and systems for making money online will work for you.

Here is just some of what you will find on this site:

  • Free Articles – This is where you will find dozens of free articles written for seniors about various topics related to making money online and other articles to help you maintain a financially healthy life style, even after retirement.
  • Recommended Resources – We have two types of recommended resources Free and Paid. The free resources are online and offline resources we have found to help you find legitimate low-risk ways to make extra money.  The paid resources are programs produced by others that we have thoroughly checked out to make sure they are not some sort of scam and they are appropriate for our readers. Not all of the programs we recommend are specifically aimed at seniors, but we make sure they can be done by someone with limited time, low investment and basic computer skills. We know that most of our readers are living on a fixed or limited income and work hard to find programs that will work for you -not just take your money.

Our No Risk Promise to you. All Official Geezer Guide products come with a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Simply return a product with 30-days of purchase and we will refund every penny you paid within 24 hours.

On recommended programs -we only recommend programs and products from legitimate sources that also offer a money-back guarantee. If you ever have a problem getting a refund from a product we recommend, please contact us and in we will leave no stone unturned to assist you in getting your money back.

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