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Finding Wholesale Products to Sell on eBay, Amazon or Your Website

One of the biggest challenges small sellers face is finding wholesale products to sell on eBay or on your website.  Although it is less of a problem today, there are still plenty of companies that don't want to deal with small sellers.  And then there are all of the drop ship scams. 

These are companies that charge you a monthly fee to give you access to millions of products that you can buy at wholesale and they promise to drop ship directly to your customers.  Unfortunately the so called wholesale price is often the same price as the items are selling for on eBay.  On top of that many of the brand name products they sell are fakes that can get you in trouble.  I have never met anyone who has ever made money with one of those programs.

One of best sources of true wholesale information for eBay and small sellers is a company in Florida called World Wide Brands (WWB). They have been in business for 10 years and I have used them for the past six years.  They are a certified eBay solutions provider, and the owner, Chris Malta, was the product sourcing editor for eBay Radio. 

WWB specializes in working with small eBay, Amazon and website sellers and providing them with the resources, information, training and wholesale sources who will work with small sellers. They charge a one-time fee for lifetime services and access. There are no ongoing monthly charges.

All of the sources listed by WorldWide Brands have been contacted by them to make sure they will work with eBay sellers and small home-based online businesses.

When I was starting the Official Geezer Guide (OGG) website, I called Chris and asked if he could help me provide some free information about wholesale sources for small online sellers. He not only agreed, he produced a free eBook for OGG readers.

The title of the book is: Successful Product Sourcing - How to find REAL wholesale products you can sell online. The book is a 36 page eBook and is completely free. You don't even have to give up your email address to read it...

...just Click Here to download your free copy


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